Metropolitan Area Network: City of Andover

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Metropolitan Area Network


The City of Andover’s eight separate government locations were working off of individual networks and internet connections. They could not connect from office to office and files could not be stored in one place for shared access , which affected productivity and efficiency. Files would have to be shared through email or through paper hard copies.


A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) that provides eight locations within the metropolitan Internet access on a single, private network, carried out by the local PixPro Elite Force. The installation involved the city hall, police & fire station, three wastewater plants, Andover lodge, streets department and parks maintenance building.


By having a MAN installed, the city of Andover can now have all municipal locations connected to one cohesive network. This will allow for individuals in different locations to pull files as needed, push patches & virus control and reduce the amount of “sneakernet” which required individuals to physically take files to other locations. The MAN will be proactively managed by PixPro Elite Force 24/7 allowing for continuous use by all city services.


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